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Search Minnesota Condos & Lofts Condominiums and lofts are relatively new on the housing market, but are popular with a growing number of home buyers, especially in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. Unlike the traditional single-family home, a condominium has a different type of deeded ownership. With a loft or condominium property, the individual owner owns the interior of a particular unit, while an association of the property owners owns the land and buildings of the development as a group. It’s an old concept, but didn’t become a major part of normal real estate ownership until the 1980s.

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Some of the reasons that homeowners choose condominium ownership instead of owning a single-family home, include:

  • Cost – Since condominium owners share ownership of the land and buildings in a condominium development, the cost per owner of the land and buildings is generally lower than with a single-family home of a similar size and quality. Today’s condo and loft market is very broad, from very affordable studio-style condos in converted apartment buildings to luxury condominiums and lofts with prices over $1 million.
  • Convenience – Anyone who has owned a single-family home knows how much work it takes to keep up the home and landscaping of the property. Add the hassle of snow removal, and it’s a lot of work. In a condominium development, contractors do all exterior maintenance, landscape care, and even snow removal, with the cost shared by all owners. Regular dues paid to the homeowners’ association covers these costs along with some insurance costs. The owners are free to use their leisure time as they choose.
  • Community – In many condominium developments, common areas often include amenities like swimming pools, recreation areas, playgrounds, and community buildings. All of these help develop a sense of community within the development.
  • Control – Through a homeowners’ association, made up of all the owners in a development, a board of directors, elected by the owners, establishes rules for the development. Generally these rules are designed to control the appearance of common areas, parking, and other factors that might affect the value of the property. Through cooperative rules, established by the owners, condominium living is more stable and you’re less likely to be disturbed by neighbors who neglect their property or engage in unfriendly behavior.

The Differences Between a Condominium and a Loft

The main difference between a typical condominium and a loft is in the building. Most condominium developments were designed from the ground up to be residential. Lofts, on the other hand, are usually created within existing commercial buildings that were designed for other purposes. Warehouses, office buildings and others get converted into spacious, open living quarters. Ownership of loft properties is usually on a condominium plan, but the character of the individual homes is different. Loft living isn’t for everyone, but lofts offer maximum flexibility in interior configurations and more. Typically, loft developments are located in urban areas and often lack the landscaping and other features of most condominium developments.

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You’ll find most loft and condominium homes within the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area, within the two major cities and, increasingly, in suburban communities throughout the seven-county metro area. Our REMAX team is proud to offer it’s dedicated Condominium and Loft Listings Search tool to our visitors. With this tool, you can find condos and lofts for sale throughout the metro area, listed by members of Northstar MLS Listings of MN. By selecting individual counties or cities, price range, and other options in the search, you can narrow down the search to suit your particular needs, previewing only those properties that meet your criteria. Once you find properties that interest you, contact us. One of our experienced, professional real estate agents or Realtors will gladly arrange a showing of those properties at your convenience. Our goal is always to help you find the perfect home for you and your family, and then to help you in every way to achieve your ownership goals. Our REMAX team is humbled to be the #1 real estate team in Minnesota, and we believe we earned that honor through our dedication to customer service, our powerful real estate tools, and our dedicated team of real estate professionals.

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While some brokers do not work with many condominium buyers or sellers, our REMAX team knows that helping our clients find exactly the residential property they’re looking for is our most important job. Our dedication to excellent customer service in finding the ideal home for each home buyer means that you get the same attention from us for a condominium as for any other type of home. Your needs and criteria are our only guide. Contact our REMAX agents to discuss your goals, or to arrange for a showing of condominiums that interest you in our powerful property search engine. Our licensed Realtors will also be happy to search MN Condos & Lofts, listed with Participants of Northstar MLS of MN. We’d love to meet you and help you own the home you’ve been looking for.