Minnesota Guaranteed Home Sale Program

Search Minnesota Homes for Sale In almost every Minnesota home sale, the owner needs that sale to be completed, and usually completed within a certain time. In many cases, the homeowner is purchasing a new home, and is counting on a current home selling to make that possible. In other cases, a seller is moving away from the area, and needs the home to sell within a certain time to avoid complications and to prevent having to return to deal with the sale. In some cases, a homeowner is having difficulty meeting mortgage payments and needs the sale to be completed to avoid foreclosure.

Our REMAX Realty team’s superb marketing strategy for selling any Twin Cities metro area home or other property is very effective. In 2013, for example, we sold over 1,275 homes in a difficult housing market. Our combination of marketing your home in many different ways, along with the dedication and creativity of our professional real estate agents, is a strong assurance that your home will sell, if you list it with our team’s agents or Realtors.

But, we take it even farther. Through our Guaranteed Sale Program, qualified homes will sell or we will buy them. This unique program lets you know in advance that your home will be sold within a specific period of time, either to a homebuyer or to us. We’re that confident in our marketing and sales strategy! Through our program, when you list your home with us, you can start packing your bags. Your home is sold! Here are some of the ways we make this happen.

  • Accurate Home Value Determinations – Home prices are a major factor in whether a home sells or lingers on the market. Our experience, knowledge of the market, and careful research lets us help you accurately price your home.
  • Creative Assistance in Preparing Your Home – We know, through long experience, what factors are crucial to home buyers. We’ll help you find ways to make your home more marketable and ensure a quick sale.
  • Powerful Marketing – We use every technique possible to market your home on the Internet, radio advertising, and television advertising. Homebuyers come to our REMAX agents and Realtors to find their next home because they know us.
  • Effective Selling Techniques – Our experienced and expert agents know exactly how to present your home through open houses and showings to get the best results. Homebuyers appreciate our no-pressure approach and helpful assistance.
  • Negotiating Skills – Our team’s agents will work hard negotiating for you. We understand the psychology of selling a home, and will work with buyers and sellers to make a deal happen. We never give up and that means results.
  • We’ll Buy Your Home– If all else fails, The Minnesota Real Estate Team will buy your home if you are in our Guaranteed Home Sale Program. That’s your assurance of a sale.

Get the Facts about Guaranteed Home Sales

To find out more about our Guaranteed Home Sale program, all you need to do is contact us. We’ll explain all the details of the program and how it ensures that your home will sell. We stand by our marketing strategies because we know they work, but if your home doesn’t sell with our marketing plan, we’ll buy it from you.

Put Our Home-Selling Power to Work For You

In today’s housing market, home sellers need the very best representation available to ensure that their home sells quickly and for the best possible price. Our REMAX Realty team has developed a marketing plan for Minnesota real estate that is proven and tested. For eight years, we’ve been the #1 real estate team in Minnesota for any real estate brokerage. That success translates into the power to sell your home where others might fail. We’re so confident of our system, that we created the Guaranteed Sale Program. Contact us for more information on this program and for a free, no-obligation market value evaluation of your home.