Minnesota Real Estate – Avoid 7 Common Mistakes When Listing a Home for Sale

Search MN Homes Most homeowners don’t live in the same home throughout their adult lives. There comes a time in everyone’s life when selling a current home is the goal, either to buy a different home or to move to a new location. Often, though, homeowners make mistakes when listing their home for sale that keep their home on the market far longer than it should be, or that prevent the home from selling at its real market value. The experienced Realtors and agents with our Minnesota REMAX Realty team know how each of those mistakes can lead to a slow sale or a sale at less than the true market value. By avoiding those mistakes when you make the decision to sell, you’ll get the results you expect and streamline the sale of your current home. Here are the seven most common listing mistakes.

  • Listing Homes for Sale Choosing the Wrong Listing Agent – In the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, some Realtors and agents specifically work to get people to list their homes with them. Then, they rely on MLS Listings and other brokers and agents to actually market and sell the home. If the home sells, the listing agent gets part of the seller’s commission without doing much of the work of selling the home. Our agents actively market every home listed with us. We work as hard as possible to make the sale a timely one.
  • Setting Too High a Listing Price – Many homeowners believe that setting a high listing price for their home, even a price that isn’t in line with comparable homes in their area, will result in maximum offers. Instead, that strategy often results in no offers at all and an unsold home. The experienced Realtors with our REMAX Team know that setting the listing price accurately from the start results in a fast, successful sale.
  • Setting Too Low a Listing Price – If the listing broker for your home, along with the owner, sets too low a price for the listing, the home may very well sell very quickly. The owner doesn’t receive full market value for the home, though, and may not even know. At our REMAX team in Minnesota, we strive to help owners understand the actual market value of their home, through detailed research on comparable homes in the area.  Setting an accurate listing price will not only sell the home quickly but also provide the best return for the seller.
  • Avoiding Necessary Repairs or Upgrades – It’s tempting for many homeowners to save money by not making repairs or upgrades suggested by the listing agent. While this may seem to be a way to save in the short term, experienced Realtors, like those with our MN REMAX team, know that deficiencies in a home will reduce the number of offers for that home in today’s competitive market. Remember that your home is competing with many other homes in the area.
  • Not Listening to Listing Agents – When your listing agent or broker evaluates your home before listing it with the Northstar MLS of MN, he or she will have many suggestions for ways you can maximize your chances of a quick sale at your asking price. Those recommendations are based on many years of experience selling real estate in the Minneapolis St. Paul area. The best way to assure yourself of success is to follow your agent’s suggestions as far as possible.
  • Not Being Ready for Showings – When your home is listed with the Minnesota MLS, requests for a showing of your home can come at any time. For maximum success, keeping your home uncluttered, clean, and ready to show is an important key to putting your home’s qualities in their best light when a prospective buyer visits. The seasoned Realtors and agents from our REMAX Realty team will help you understand all of the factors that can make your home attractive and desirable when a showing occurs. Following their recommendations helps sell the home.
  • Being Too Attached to Your Home – For many homeowners a common mistake is to keep considering the home they’re selling as their home. Once your home is on the market, though, it’s really trying to be someone else’s home. That’s why experienced Realtors and agents recommend that owners depersonalize the home and not be present during showings. Prospective buyers will already be thinking of your home as their potential new home, and will be planning changes. When you’re selling, start thinking about your next home. Trust your REMAX agent to show your home in the most effective way.

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When the time comes to put your home or any residential property on the market, avoiding common mistakes can help you sell that home quickly and at the best possible price. At our award-winning REMAX Realty team, we help each homeowner whose home is listed with us on the Northstar MLS of MN understand all of the factors that affect salability and the selling price for their unique home. By providing full service, from the initial evaluation of the home through a successful sale and closing, we work tirelessly to market, show, and present your home to qualified, motivated buyers. We also help you understand how your participation in selling your home can make all the difference. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation evaluation for your home and let us show you how we can help you sell your home quickly at its real market value.