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As Minnesota's #1 REMAX Realty Team, we know that the more information homebuyers and sellers have, the better able we will be to help them realize their goals. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer looking for a Minneapolis St. Paul metro area home for sale, an investor looking for properties to add to your growing portfolio, or a homeowner thinking about selling your current home, the more you know, the better. That's why you'll find the information you need here on our website, at our free seminars, when you tune in our informative weekly radio show, and whenever you talk with one of our experienced REMAX Realtors. We're deeply committed to helping each and every client we serve understand Minnesota Real Estate. To see additional information about the topics listed below, just click the title of each topic.

Home Improvement When you’re putting your Twin Cities home on the market, making some affordable home improvements can help you sell it quickly and for top dollar. At our Minneapolis St. Paul REMAX Realty Team, we are often asked what are the best home improvement projects for making any home more saleable and that provide the best return on the investment in sprucing up a home for sale. The six projects shown at the link above are among the best ways to make your home more marketable without breaking your budget.

Rent vs Buy Home MN If you’re renting a home, the rent you pay does nothing to help you plan for the future. Homeowners enjoy many benefits through owning rather than renting the place they live. Why continue to build wealth for your landlord, when you can take advantage of the many benefits of becoming a homeowner and pay yourself, instead of the owner of the property you’re renting? The Realtors and agents with our Minnesota REMAX Realty team can help you in many ways to become a homeowner. At the link above, you’ll discover some of the many ways home ownership can benefit you and your family.

Building Sites MN For many people, building a custom home is the ideal way to create a home that meets all of their needs. A crucial aspect of building a brand new home is choosing the building site for that home. Our top-ranked Minnesota REMAX Realty team has helped many Minneapolis St. Paul metro area homebuyers find ideal building sites throughout the state. From vacant lots in our metro area cities to spacious acreage throughout Minnesota, finding the right building site can be a challenge. Click the link above for tips on searching for an ideal site for your custom home.

Hobby Farm MN For many Minnesota families, owning a hobby farm is a long-held dream. From keeping horses to owning a home with acreage that supports hunting and fishing, there are many reasons to seek out a home on enough land to enjoy a rural lifestyle. Opportunities for hobby farms and other rural homes with surrounding land for varied uses are many in the Twin Cities extended metro area and throughout Minnesota. A number of Realtors and agents with our award-winning Minneapolis St. Paul REMAX Realty team have special expertise in assisting homebuyers in finding and purchasing this type of property. At the link above, you’ll find tips to help you in your search for a rural-style home on acreage.

Condo vs Townhome Homebuyers are often confused about how Condominium and Townhome properties differ from each other. Both ownership issues and association fees, along with design, access, maintenance and utilities are handled differently for each type of home. Those differences are important to understand when looking for real estate in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. The Realtors and agents with our Twin Cities REMAX Realty team want to help you understand those differences. Click the link above to get the facts you need to know.

Selling a Home at a Great Price For every Minnesota homeowner who puts a home or other property on the market, getting top dollar for that home is always an important goal. Many factors come into play in determining the price any home will realize, including accurate listing price, curb appeal, necesary updates, and home staging. The experienced Realtors and agents with our Twin Cities REMAX Realty team can help you sell your home quickly and at its true market value. When you list your home with us, we’ll help you understand all of the factors that affect the final selling price.

Search MN MLS Online Our Minnesota REMAX Team is a member of the Northstar MLS of MN. As such, we are able to provide an online real estate search tool to help visitors to this website search for and preview homes listed on the MN MLS by participants of the Broker Reciprocity Program of the Northstar MLS. You can use this search tool to find homes and other real estate of interest to you throughout Minnesota. Our property search tool allows you to customize your search based on the property type, amenities, school district, cities and neighborhood, and the criteria that are important to your search.

Listing Homes for Sale When you make the decision to sell your current home or any residential real estate, you have a lot of choices to make. If you make the right choices, your sale will go smoothly and quickly, but if you make common errors, you home may go unsold or fail to realize its real market value. Some of the common mistakes include setting the price too high or too low, avoiding necessary upgrades and repairs, At our Minnesota REMAX Realty team, we work to help sellers avoid the most common errors in home listings.

Buy Condominiums in MN While single-family homes in the Twin Cities metro area are still a popular choice for many homebuyers, condominiums, lofts and townhomes in the Minneapolis St. Paul area provide many advantages for a rapidly growing group of homebuyers. At our leading Minnesota REMAX Realty Team, we’re seeing more and more homebuyers thinking hard about these popular alternatives to the single-family home. At the link, you’ll learn the six reasons why condominium living might be the right choice for you.

Sell Home Fast When it’s time to put your home on the market, your goal is to attract homebuyers and get offers quickly. The results you get depend on a number of factors, including your choice of the listing agent, evaluating your property, setting the price right, preparing your home for showings and clearing all title and inspection issues. Learn the most important ways you can ensure a quick sale. Our Twin Cities REMAX Realty team has the expertise and experience you need to help you get results.

Minneapolis Condos for Sale The fastest growing trend in Minneapolis homes is living in one of the city’s condominium buildings in the heart of the city. Ranging from high-rise penthouse homes priced over $1 Million to spacious, affordable lofts in the city’s exciting core neighborhoods, urban condo living offers excitement, luxury, and unmatched convenience. Find out more information about developments like The Carlyle, Security Warehouse, 5th Avenue Lofts, Bridgewater Lofts, Stone Arch Lofts, and Phoenix on the River. Let the Realtors with our leading Minneapolis REMAX team show you the possibilities of urban living.

Condos St Paul The downtown, riverfront district of Minnesota’s Capitol city offers a wide range of condominium homes in the heart of the city. Some of the most exciting properties are described at this link, offering downtown urban living at a full range of prices. With more and more St. Paul residents seeking homes with river and cityscape views, available condos sell quickly. Find out more information about the Union Depot, The Pointe, The Airye, Great Northern Lofts and MarketHouse Loft developments. The experienced REMAX Realtors with our top-rated realty team can assist you in finding a home to match your urban lifestyle.

Lake Front Homes MN For the ultimate in Minnesota living, it’s hard to beat a home on the shores of a lake or river. Whether it’s a luxurious mansion on Lake Minnetonka, a humble cabin on small lake in out-state Minnesota or anything in between, lakefront and riverfront houses are always in demand. Our agents can help you find and purchase waterfront listings by Northstar MLS MN members. If your dream is to live on the water, the experienced Realtors with Minnesota’s #1 REMAX team can help you realize that dream.

Town Homes for Sale Minneapolis St Paul Townhome developments throughout the Twin Cities metro area are plentiful and varied. Homeowners ranging from first-time homebuyers looking for affordable homes to retirees seeking a spacious home without the upkeep of single-family homes are increasingly considering townhomes as their first choice. At Minnesota’s leading REMAX Realty team, you’ll find expert assistance in locating and purchasing a townhome that meets your exact requirements. See the opportunities here.

Condos MN Condominiums are the choice of a growing number of home buyers in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area. From high-rise condos in urban centers and a wide range of residential condo developments to beautifully appointed condominiums in stately mansions, there’s a home to suit every taste. The talented and experienced REMAX Realtors with our award-winning Realty team are eager to show you condominium homes that match your criteria. We have agents who specialize in buying and selling condominiums.

Duplexes for Sale Minneapolis St Paul Real estate investors looking for opportunities are always seeking multi-family homes of many types. In the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, a wide range of these multi-unit homes is always available in property listings by Northstar MN MLS members. Commonly available properties include duplex, triplex and fourplex homes. Finding the right property, though, is simplified by expert assistance from the leading REMAX Realty team in the Twin Cities. Our seasoned Realtors who specialize in investment properties are your best partners in finding and purchasing properties with great potential.

Single Family Houses Minneapolis St Paul Beginning in the 1960s and continuing today, the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area has grown explosively. Contemporary single-family houses, from split entry multi-level houses to architect-designed houses in a variety of modern styles are plentiful in listings by Northstar MN MLS members throughout the area. There are bi-level, three-level and four-leve split entry designs to fit any needs and tastes. As Minnesota’s leading REMAX Realty team, our seasoned and creative Realtors are experts at matching homebuyer’s dreams with the exciting houses that make those dreams come true.

Single-Family Homes MN The Minneapolis St. Paul metro area offers a rich diversity of home styles and designs to attract homebuyers. Traditional-style homes, including ramblers, One – 1/2 story, two-story and three-story styles, reflecting home designs of over a century are abundant and provide a wealth of options for families seeking their next home. Ranging from modest post-WWII ramblers and homes built in the first half of the 20th Century to stately older multi-story homes in beautiful neighborhoods, Minnesota’s #1 REMAX Realty team can show you homes to suit any taste and budget.

MN REMAX Agents All real estate companies are not created equal. For real estate buyers, sellers, and investors, choosing the right agent or Realtor to represent you in property transactions is crucial. At our REMAX Realty team in Minnesota, our professionalism, experience, creative REMAX Realtors and proven track record as Minnesota’s #1 REMAX team assures you of success in every transaction. No matter complicated or unique situation you have, we have agents who have the experience and expertise to help you. All of our agents are members of Northstar MN MLS.

Investment Property Minneapolis St Paul Investing in real estate has always been a key way to build lasting wealth, and the current housing market is rich in investment opportunities for savvy investors. Our REMAX Realtors who specialize in investment properties work constantly to assist investors of all property types meet their goals.You’ll see why changing market conditions offer a wealth of potential for investors, and learn about the ways we can help you succeed. If you are interested in foreclosed houses, REO properties, sing-family or multi-family properties, we have the right agents who can assist you.

Fix Flip Homes If you’re a real estate investor who is interested in purchasing homes in need of repairs and upgrades and then reselling them at a profit, you can find many attractive opportunities in today’s Minneapolis St. Paul housing market. At our Realty team, our Realtors with extensive experience in investment real estate are your best resource for Fix and Flip opportunities. Get the information you need for success in this specialized sector of real estate investing.

Mortgage Financing Most Minnesota home sales are financed with either a conventional or FHA mortgage. Recent changes in the rules for both types of mortgage mean that homebuyers may benefit from thinking about mortgages in new ways. We have provided information on how those changes may affect you and why and FHA loan may not be your best choice today. The experienced Realtors with our top-rated Minnesota realty team can help you understand these changes and help you make the right choice for your situation.

Buyer's Agents Smart homebuyers know that the Real Estate Broker who lists a home for sale is bound by law to represent the interests of the seller. That’s why hiring a Realtor as your buyer’s agent is important. At no cost to you, your buyer’s agent acts in your interest, assisting you in many ways throughout your purchase. At our leading Minnesota REMAX Realty team, our seasoned Realtors look forward to representing you as your buyer’s agent. We can help you search for your new home, negotiate the price and make sure the transaction go smoothly.

Co Op Homes for Sale Minneapolis St Paul Co-op residential properties are a growing option for many Minneapolis St. Paul residents. Owning a share in a co-op property entitles you to occupy a residence in that property. You’ll pay a rent-like monthly fee to cover co-op expenses and can participate in decisions about the property. At Minnesota’s #1 REMAX Realty team, we take an interest in all types of residential property, and can assist you in many ways if co-op living appeals to you. Learn more about Minnesota co-op homes here.

Minnesota Real Estate Auctions Purchasing properties at action is a tried-and-true way for investors to acquire properties at great prices. It’s also a potential source of frustration and risk, and real estate auctions should be approached with knowledge and caution. Avoiding auction pitfalls is the key to successful bidding. At our #1 Minnesota REMAX team, our seasoned Realtors with long experience with real estate auction sales can assist you in many ways. Find out more information about the auction process.

Minnesota Cabins for Sale If you’ve been dreaming about a cabin on your favorite lake or a vacation home or condo your family can enjoy, you may have thought your dream was out of reach. Right now, though, there are many excellent opportunities among cabin and vacation home listings by Northstar MN MLS members. The experienced Realtors with our top-ranked Realty team are always excited to help clients find and purchase their second home away from home. Discover the vacation getaway of your dreams with us.

Minnesota For Sale by Owner Houses If you’re considering selling your home yourself, you could be making a costly mistake. As Minnesota’s #1 Realty team, we’ve seen FSBO homes languish on the market and not sell or finally sell for far below their actual value. Before putting your home on the market on a For Sale by Owner basis, learn the potential pitfalls. Contact one of our creative, licensed agents for a no-obligation consultation on your home sale, and let us show you the REMAX difference.

Duplexes Triplexes for Sale Multi-family homes, available in a wide range of configurations, are a popular choice for real estate investors who are looking for rental properties to add to their portfolios. As the Twin Cities leading investment real estate team, we’re constantly keeping our eye on multi-family properties including duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes for our growing list of real estate investment clients. From our free investment seminars to one-on-one mentoring by our Realtors, investors rely on us.

New Home Construction MN If a brand new home is your goal, you’ll find many newly constructed homes in today’s Minneapolis St. Paul listings by Northstar MN MLS members. Ranging from homes in new housing developments and condominiums to custom-built homes on vacant land, brand-new homes attract a wide range of buyers. At leading Minnesota REMAX Realty team, we’re always ready to assist homebuyers in their new home search, and our Realtors can help you make the right choice for your dream home.

Minnesota Open Houses For most homebuyers, attending open houses is one of the first steps in their search. It’s a great way to get ideas about home values, neighborhoods, and to see a wide range of homes in a price range. In many cases, homebuyers find their new home at an open house. For the talented REMAX Realtors with our #1 Minnesota Realty team, open houses for Twin Cities homes listed with us is just part of our marketing strategy, and we love meeting prospective homebuyers.

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When Ryan O'Neill founded our REMAX team, he had the goal of providing every client we serve with complete, comprehensive service in every aspect of real estate transactions. Each of the talented, resourceful REMAX Realtors on our team shares that goal, and dedicates itself to providing 110% performance and service to homebuyers, sellers, and investors alike. We appreciate your visit to this website and hope you found information that helps you understand today's housing market. We encourage you to take advantage of our website, including our property search tool by our REMAX Realty team of agents who are members of Minnesota Northstar MLS. Contact us at any time with your questions and for assistance with any Minnesota real estate transaction.