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Minneapolis Real Estate Search The largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis is the cultural, business, and entertainment hub of the Twin Cities. Many home buyers are attracted to the city’s housing market, and for good reasons. Living in the city is popular with all age groups for many reasons. From freedom from commuting to work and access to the vibrant cultural life found in the city to convenient availability of professional sporting events and entertainment venues, city living is growing in popularity. With the cost of gasoline increasing, more and more Minnesotans are choosing to live where they work, saving time and money, while gaining access to all the pleasures of city life. Here’s a look at the reasons:

Minneapolis at a Glance

  • Population: 382,000+
  • Area: 58.4 Square Miles
  • Median Family Income: About $60,000
  • Median Home Price: $152,400
  • Business: Six Fortune 500 companies, and hundreds of other businesses.
  • Education: University of Minnesota, 100 public schools, 20 private schools and more.
  • Parks & Recreation: Top-flight park system, plus lakes and the Mississippi River.
  • Arts: Museums, Top quality theaters, world-class musical groups, and more.
  • Sports: NFL, NBA, and Major League Baseball, plus U of M Big 10 college sports and more.
  • Dining: All the world’s cuisines are available, in every price range.
  • Transportation: Top-ranked public transportation, plus access to major interstate highways. MSP International Airport, with light rail service from downtown.

Neighborhood Living with Abundant Affordable Houses

The city of Minneapolis offers a wide variety of neighborhoods, with an equally large variety of home prices and lifestyle choices. Like most major cities, neighborhoods are important to the life of the city. There are 11 primary communities in the city, each subdivided into individual, smaller neighborhoods. Each is unique, with a different blend of home buying opportunities, ethnic and economic makeup, and lifestyles. From the affluent Uptown – Calhoun Isles community and the bustling Central – Downtown community to the varied Northeast Community, which includes parts of the University of Minnesota area and the old St. Anthony Main neighborhood, there’s a perfect neighborhood for any home buyer within the city. The variety of neighborhoods can seem overwhelming to many home buyers, so finding a professional real estate broker with detailed knowledge of all neighborhoods is crucial to finding the right neighborhood for you and your family. The agents from our REMAX team know the City of Lakes intimately, and can help guide you to your new home. Our property search tools of house listings provided by participating members of Northstar MLS Listings of Minnesota let you select individual neighborhoods and communities in the city. Our experienced agents are happy to help you find listed homes for sale with Participants of Northstar MLS of MN that match your needs.

Minneapolis Home & Real Estate Prices – A Large Selection of Urban Homes

With over 2,000 homes on the market at any given time, homes for sale run the gamut of prices. You’ll find real estate in prices from foreclosed homes selling for under $50,000 to luxurious homes with asking prices in the millions. From attractive investment opportunities for rental properties in North and South of the city to high-end condo developments and mansions in the Calhoun-Isles community, there’s a match for every home buyer or investor. You can find all of these opportunities by searching listings for sale on our website or having a Realtor access the Multiple Listing Service for you. You can also contact our Minnesota REMAX team to discuss your home buying plans and to arrange for a showing of any home or other property that interests you.

Realtors & Agents Specializing in Minneapolis Real Estate

Shopping for a home or other real estate in a large city can be an overwhelming experience. Unless you have long, intimate knowledge of the city, you could easily take a wrong turn in your search. Our REMAX team understands the Minneapolis real estate market, having a number of team members with a specific focus on this great city and the various neighborhoods. We provide a community-by-community property listings provided by participating members of Northstar MLS to help you narrow your options, and stand ready at all times to help you understand neighborhoods and the unique opportunities available throughout the city. We encourage you to search for homes for sale that meet your goals, then contact us to inspect the homes you find, along with other homes that fit your needs. Let Minnesota top REMAX team be your partner in finding exactly the right home in the perfect neighborhood.