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Minneapolis Condos & Lofts for Sale While the traditional American Dream of a single-family house on a plot of land is still the dominant home concept, many Minnesota home buyers are looking for a different path to that dream. Condominiums, including loft-style condominiums, are a popular option for many home buyers, and appeal to all age groups. The condominium concept combines the benefits of real estate ownership with the relative freedom of living in a home that doesn’t require constant exterior and property maintenance. In Minneapolis, condominium living is a flexible option that appeals both to young families and older homeowners alike, and condos and lofts are available in a wide range of prices and floor plans. These are condos and lofts listed with Participants of Northstar MLS MN.

Twin Cities Condo Buying Info

A condo property involves the ownership of the interior space of your home. The structure of the home, and the property it sits on are commonly owned by all of the owners of the condo building. An association of owners manages and maintains the common outdoor areas and the exterior of all buildings, with a fee assessed to each owner to cover the cost of that management and maintenance. The individual owner is responsible for all interior spaces and systems of the individual unit. Features of condominium living include:

  • Real Property Ownership – as with traditional housing, you have deeded ownership to your individual living space and to your portion of the common areas. You can buy and sell this ownership, subject to some restrictions you agree to at the time of purchase.
  • Low Maintenance – You do not have to maintain the exterior of your property or the grounds. Those are owned in common by all owners, and all maintenance and repair costs are shared. Lawn care, snow removal, and other chores are contracted out to third parties, freeing you up to enjoy your spare time.
  • Amenities – Many condominium properties include common recreational and other facilities that are accessible to all owners. Pools, community rooms, protected parking and other features are among those amenities.
  • Community – Many condominium developments enjoy a strong community spirit among the owners. This can be a powerful aspect of condominium living.
  • Urban Access – In cities like Minneapolis, most condominium developments are close to public transportation, shopping, exciting urban entertainment and other activities. Without the necessity of maintaining yards and buildings, you’re free to explore your exciting city whenever you wish.
  • Association Dues – Part of condominium ownership is a requirement to pay association dues, which cover maintenance and repair of common areas, like lawns, building exteriors, and other common property.
  • Restrictions & Conditions – The condominium association may impose certain restrictions on exterior finishes, parking, and other aspects of living there. As a member of the association, you can participate in election of officers who set these rules.
  • Condominium & Loft Differences – Both are condominiums. The principal difference is that traditional condominiums are more traditional in style, with landscaped exteriors, while lofts are usually created as expansive open spaces in commercial buildings that do not have large open common areas outdoors. In many cases the line between the two is not a clear one.

Minneapolis Condos & Lofts – A Wide Range of Living Possibilities

In Minneapolis Downtown and Uptown, condo living can be as simple as a studio apartment-style space or as complex as a spacious multi-level luxury home. Prices for condominiums and lofts range from under $50,000 for a small unit in a converted apartment building to several million dollars for a luxurious living space of several thousand square feet, high above the city, with expansive views of the Mississippi River and the Minneapolis skyline. There is truly a condo or loft to meet every budget and lifestyle. Our Minnesota REMAX Realty team is happy to offer you our search tools for home listings provided by participating agents of Northstar MLS of Minnesota. We can help you find a loft or condominium property that matches your exact needs. When you locate properties of interest, using these tools, contact us for a showing of that property and other condominium properties.

Realtors & Agents Specializing in Condos & Lofts in Minneapolis

As more and more Minnesotans opt for non-traditional homes, our top-ranked Minnesota REMAX team remains focused on offering complete condominium and loft sales services in our market. Whether you’re looking for a condo or a Loft for your next home, you can rely on us for expert help in choosing properties and in making the best deal for any property. Take advantage of our search capabilities provided by our agents who are members of Northstar MN MLS. You can customize your search specifically to condos and lofts, and contact us for help in viewing and purchasing exactly what you’re looking for. We’d love to be your real estate partner. Sandy Marquart on our team specializes in the downtown Minneapolis condo and loft market. She has years of experience and knows all of the various buildings inside and out. Let us show you why our REMAX team is the #1 real estate team in Minnesota.