Minnesota Real Estate – Top 5 Secrets for Selling a Home Fast

Search MN Homes When you begin thinking about selling a home in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, there’s always a reason for that sale. Maybe you’re planning to move to a different home, or are leaving the area. No matter what your reason for selling may be, the experienced Realtors and agents with our award winning REMAX Realty team can help you meet your goals in a timely way. Like all home sellers, you want a quick sale at a price that reflects the current housing market conditions in the Twin Cities. Here are some great ways to ensure that you meet both of those goals.

  • How to Sell Home Fast in MN Choose the Right Listing Agent – Your first step should be to select a real estate professional with a proven record of success in selling homes in the Twin Cities area. You’ll need all the expert help you can get from your listing agent if you want a quick sale at a great price. Your choice has a large impact, since it is that Realtor or agent and broker who will list your home in the Northstar MLS of Minnesota and market it effectively to qualified buyers seeking a home. At our REMAX Realty team, we not only list your home; we actively market it in many ways to assure you of attracting motivated homebuyers. As the top REMAX team in the Twin Cities, we help you get the results you need.
  • Set the Right Listing Price – The residential housing market in the Minneapolis St. Paul area, including all suburbs, is very fluid and is always changing. This can make setting the right listing price for your home difficult. Set the price too high, and you may not get any offers. Set it too low, and you won’t realize the best price when it sells. Through careful market research and detailed comparisons of recent sales in your particular neighborhood and community, the experienced and resourceful Realtors and agents with our top-ranked REMAX Realty team can help you determine the right asking price for your home and explain all of the reasons for setting a listing price that will get you offers and help you sell your home at its best price.
  • Carefully Evaluate Your Home – Before putting your home on the active market and listing it with the Northstar MLS of MN through a member of the MN MLS, you need to make sure that your home is ready for buyers to inspect. It can be difficult for homeowners to accurately assess the condition and marketability of the home they’ve lived in for years, but that’s an essential step. Our Realtors and agents know exactly what homebuyers are looking for when they look at any home for sale. You can count on them to help you identify issues that might cause a buyer to look at other homes instead of making an offer on your home. Often, small issues can have a big impact. If they’re corrected, it will help you get your home sold promptly.
  • Prepare Your Home for Showings – After consulting with your listing agent with our Minnesota Realty team, you’ll have a list of suggestions for making your home look its best and attractive to homebuyers. From cleaning up your outdoor areas and repairing minor flaws to steps like painting, cleaning and de-cluttering your home, getting your home ready to show is a crucial step in making sure it sells quickly and at your listing price. You can do the work yourself, or ask your Realtor or agent to recommend trusted third-party vendors to help you get ready for showings. Once your home is listed on the Northstar MLS of MN by our brokerage firm, a member of the Northstar MLS, showings can occur at any time, so keeping your home looking its best at all times is an important part of getting offers.
  • Make Sure No Title or Inspection Problems Will Interfere – If your home’s title clear, a quick sale is always easier. If issues such as tax liens, mechanics liens and other title problems crop up after you’ve received an offer, they can slow down a closing or even cause a sale to fall through. A preliminary title search may be recommended by your REMAX Team Realtor or agent to make sure any such problems are discovered and corrected in a timely way. Any necessary pre-sale inspections and other requirements for your city or jurisdiction are also important steps that need to be taken to assure a timely sale and closing. You can count on your REMAX team’s listing agent to help you make sure your home is ready.

Top-Rated REMAX Realty Team – Minneapolis St. Paul, MN

In the Twin Cities metro area, you have a wide range of real estate brokers and Realtors from which to choose. As a leader in Twin Cities real estate sales, our high-performance REMAX Realty team makes selling your home quickly and at the best possible price its highest priority. Our network of experienced Realtors and agents will effectively market your home in the Northstar MLS of MN and in many other ways. We’ll conduct open houses, show your home professionally and assist you in every way to present your home to qualified, motivated buyers. From the time you contact us through a timely closing, we’ll work with you closely, creatively solving problems and helping you get your home sold fast and at a great price. Count on Minnesota’s top-ranked REMAX Realty team for all of your real estate needs.