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Search St Paul Condos & Lofts As people move back into the cities for the convenience of no commuting and access to the vibrant urban life, condominium and loft developments have led the way. St. Paul is no exception to this trend, and condominium projects exist in all neighborhoods, especially in the central district near the city’s busy core and in the sought-after Crocus Hill neighborhood. New developments are in the works, as well, and recently built condominium developments are scattered throughout the city. In St. Paul, lofts and condos for sale usually number in the hundreds at any given time, making it easy to find a condo or loft that fits any budget or taste.

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Condominiums and lofts are very similar, but lofts are generally located in converted commercial buildings, while traditional condominiums include landscaped outdoor areas and other common facilities. In all cases, the owner has deeded ownership to the interior areas of the home, and shared ownership in the actual structure and common areas. An association, made up of the owners, handles the maintenance and upkeep of the buildings and common areas, while the individual owner is responsible for the interior of his home, and associated property. Association dues cover the cost of common area maintenance. Typically, the association also has rules adopted by its members to control the use of the common areas and to restrict owners in some ways that might adversely affect other owners. The attractiveness of condo and loft living is based on several characteristics:

  • Carefree Lifestyle – Condo and loft owners are free of the common maintenance and upkeep chores of a stand-alone home. Landscaping, exterior painting and maintenance, and other chores like snow removal are handled by third parties, hired by the owners’ association.
  • Urban Access – Condos and lofts in St. Paul provide easy access to the rich cultural and business life of the city, without the long drives necessary for suburban homeowners.
  • No Commuting Stress – Living near your work cuts down on commuting time and costs. Public transportation also allows condo and loft owners to commute quickly.
  • Lower Cost – In most cases, a condominium or loft in a given area is less expensive to buy than an equivalent single-family home in the same neighborhood.
  • Sense of Community – Condominium and loft living encourages residents to associate with other residents. Common areas such as recreation centers, pools, and more, also facilitate interaction between residents.

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Whatever your budget or lifestyle, there’s a condo or loft in St. Paul that will match your needs. For bargain hunters, there are condos, some of them in foreclosure, under $50,000. Plenty of condos in St. Paul fall in the $50,000 to $150,000 range, and in all neighborhoods in the city. In the $150,000 to $250,000 price range, you’ll find a good selection as well, many located in desirable neighborhoods in the city. Ranging from $250,000 to over $2 million, condos and lofts in the Downtown, Capitol Heights and Crocus Hill neighborhoods offer a range of homes from riverfront homes to architecturally exciting historical mansion living. You’re sure to find a perfect match for your taste and lifestyle in the available St. Paul Condos and Lofts for Sale. You can find them all in The Minnesota Real Estate Team’s home listing search engine provided by the Northstar MLS of Minnesota.

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Our Minnesota REMAX team is eager to help you in your search for a condominium or loft. We understand your goals, and can help you find a property that exactly fits your requirements, whether you’re looking for property to add to your rental inventory or a luxury downtown condo overlooking the Mississippi. Use our powerful condo and loft listings search tools to find available properties provided by participating agents of Northstar MLS MN, then contact us for a showing of any condo or loft. We’ll be happy to show any property, and to help you find other properties that match your needs. Our expert Realtors and agents will work tirelessly to help you reach your goals. Contact us at any time to for showings of individual properties or for more information on condo living in the Twin Cities.