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Twin Cities Property Auctions

Auction sales of homes, land, and various properties have long been used as an alternative to traditional buying. Most people have seen advertisements for real estate auctions and are intrigued by the low advertised prices. At our trusted Minnesota REMAX Realty team, we often get questions about purchasing homes at auction from individual home sellers and investors. As investors themselves, our experienced Realtors and agents have purchased homes at auction as investments.

We understand the market thoroughly, and can assist clients through the process with advice, representation, and other services. If real estate auctions interest you, here is some information you need to know.

Types of Minnesota Properties Commonly Sold at Auction

Great Opportunities or Risky Business

Real estate auctions can be a source of genuine bargains, but present a number of risks for inexperienced buyers. These sales are fast-moving events in most cases, and can be intimidating. Inexperienced buyers can get caught up in the process and end up making costly mistakes by overbidding on properties. Here are some tips that can help buyers avoid auction pitfalls:

Help with Real Estate Auction in Minnesota

Just as you rely on the expertise, experience, and dedication of our agents with home buying and selling, let our team assist you with real estate auction sales. If you’re considering bidding on properties at auction, contact us to talk with a licensed Realtor who has extensive experience. We can assist you in many ways, including assisting you in evaluating a property and representing you at the actual auction. Depending on the type of sales, our fees may be paid by the seller.

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