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Minneapolis St. Paul Co-Ops for Sale

Housing cooperatives are a fast-growing option for Minnesota residents, offering an alternative to traditional home purchases or renting a home from a landlord. Our REMAX agents understand the co-op housing market and often work with clients who are considering this option. Primarily an urban housing solution, cooperative housing is growing in popularity in cities all across the United States, but is poorly understood by most people.

In the Minneapolis St. Paul urban environment, a number of co-op housing developments are available, and co-op living is popular with students, individuals, families, and older residents alike. Its unique features are quite different from traditional housing.

Co-Op Housing Basics for Minneapolis St. Paul Residents

Is Minnesota Co-Op Housing Right for You?

Making the decision to live in a housing cooperative is a serious one. If the concept appeals to you, it may be an ideal choice. Students attending Twin Cities universities or colleges often find this type of housing attractive. Seniors often find co-op living a great option as well. Each individual should carefully assess any housing cooperative thoroughly before making a commitment.

How Our MN REMAX Team Can Help You with Co-Op Housing

As Minnesota’s #1 REMAX Realty team, we’re interested in every type of housing, and understand co-op housing properties available in the Twin Cities area. If you’re considering buying a share of a housing cooperative, we’ll be happy to assist you with a customized home search of listings by Northstar MLS MN members. With our unlimited access to Minnesota MLS, we can find out detailed information about the properties that interest you. We can also give you the facts you need about co-op housing arrangements and about individual housing cooperatives in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area.

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