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HVAC Upgrades for Home Selling in Minnesota

In Minnesota, the cost of home ownership always means taking energy costs into account. For many Minneapolis St. Paul homeowners, the cost of heating and cooling may be second only to their monthly mortgage payment in their cost of ownership. Our severe winters and hot, humid summers make energy costs a large factor. For homebuyers, that means paying special attention to the HVAC system of a home they’re considering, among other factors.

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Janelle Seitzer – South Central MN is a great place to live and play, which is why Janelle Seitzer chose to call it home. With roots in St. Louis Park, MN, Janelle called the south metro home in 2017 following 12 years in the Mankato area. With real estate as her passion, it’s easy to see why so many individuals and families have trusted and relied on Janelle’s experience and education to guide them in their homeownership paths; whether first-time or experienced homebuyers and sellers. Janelle and her husband have remodeled houses, which ultimately led to Janelle’s licensure. Curious to learn what improvements have the best return on investment? Janelle has the answers. She looks forward to serving you! Phone 507-351-8923

For home sellers, inadequate or inefficient heating and cooling systems or poor insulation may reduce the marketability of their home. Some of the issues to consider include:

Prepare Your Home for Sale with HVAC Upgrades

The seasoned, dedicated REMAX agents of our team are always ready to help both homebuyers and sellers understand all of the factors that go into every real estate transaction. For sellers, we don’t just list your property on the Minnesota MLS, we work to help reduce the time your home is on the market and maximize your selling price. Energy considerations are just one of the areas we’ll help you understand. For buyers, our buyer’s agents will help homebuyers evaluate all aspects of a particular home and help provide the information they need to make excellent decisions. In either case, The Minnesota Real Estate Team is 100% dedicated to helping homebuyers and sellers in every step of every transaction.

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