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Every real estate transaction is complex. Along the road to a successful purchase of any home listed by Northstar MN MLS, situations can develop that cause the sale to fall apart. Even worse, problems with a home that were missed before the closing date can plague homebuyers for years. It’s no wonder that buying a home is one of the most stressful events in most people’s lives.

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Nick Selly – Nick is from Belle Plaine, MN and now currently resides in Prior Lake. He graduated from Winona State University in 03 with a degree in Exercise Science. As a 17 year vet in the fitness industry and currently working as a Personal Trainer/Coach, Nick thrives in helping others achieve fitness goals never thought possible through creative workout plans and better eating habits. In the midst of a pandemic, Nick became a proud new home owner and aggressively pursued a career in Real Estate. “Working with the Walgrave team made the whole process easy. I didn’t realize how emotional and exciting the whole process would be. I would love the opportunity to help guide people through the process the same way Jason and his team did with me!” Whether it’s getting into the best shape of your life or in search of your ultimate dream home the process is the same. Through the mantra “Don’t wish for it, Work for it” Nick would love to help you on your journey and make that dream home a reality. Starting the process is what stops most people, let Nick help with your journey today! Phone 952-200-13975

At our top REMAX Realty team, we’ve assisted countless homebuyers with their transactions, and have helped them avoid problems. Our experienced, creative, and professional Realtors and agents have extensive insights into the problems that can arise in any real estate transaction, and are always working to help eliminate those problems. Each transaction is unique, but some of the advice we often give our home buying clients include these tips:

Helping Real Estate Buyers in Minneapolis St. Paul

While the complexities of real estate transactions can be confusing to buyers and sellers alike, they’re all in a day’s work for our professional REMAX Realtors and agents. They understand every element of your transaction and will apply their knowledge, experience, and training to creatively help solve any problems that may develop during the process. Throughout every transaction, their communications with you will be frequent and your agent will always be ready to answer your questions, explain complex issues, and move the transaction steadily toward the closing date.

Helping homebuyers initially browse real estate listed with Participants of the Northstar MLS Minnesota, and then taking them through the process of buying and closing the home of their dreams is our constant goal of our REMAX agents. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to begin your journey to a new home soon.

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