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7 Home Improvements for Selling Home FAST

For many homeowners who are about to put their home on the market in the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area, improving the appearance and salability is a great way to ensure a fast sale at a great price. However long you have lived in the home, you’ve probably gotten used to its minor deficiencies. That’s only natural, but when potential buyers come to your home for a showing, they’re looking at it with fresh eyes, and are quick to notice any issues. If there are too many problems, they’re likely to look elsewhere, since most buyers aren’t looking for a fixer-upper home.

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Jaelynn Maki – Jaelynn grew up in Farmington and acquired her BS in Business Administration and Marketing Communications from the University of Wisconsin – River Falls. After a number of years in Sales and Advertising, Jaelynn took on a position on the team. She has been with The Minnesota Real Estate Team since 2005. As the Client, Lead, and Transaction Coordinator, Jaelynn enjoys communicating with clients and agents to help make all team operations go smoothly. Jaelynn is also the initial contact for clients that contact us through our websites and radio shows. Jaelynn will certainly put you in touch with an experienced agent on the team, according to your specific real estate needs and goals. Phone 952-649-1456

Here are 7 of the best, most cost-effective improvements you can make to give your home for sale the winning edge.

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As the Minnesota leader in home sales, our REMAX Realty team has the experience, and creativity to help you make upgrade and remodeling decisions that will help your home meet the expectations of prospective buyers. Your REMAX team listing agent will help you evaluate your home and give you great ideas that will help your home sell quickly and at the best possible price when you list your home with us. We’ll use our powerful real estate marketing strategies and technology to help get you the results you are looking for.

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