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Maplewood is a close-in suburb just east of St. Paul. It is the easternmost community in Ramsey County. It is a long rectangular city that is divided into the North and South communities. The popular Maplewood Mall is located in the North part of the city, with many retail businesses, and tidy residential neighborhoods.

The South part begins at the 3M corporate headquarters and continues southward to the Ramsey County line. The South part of the city is primarily residential, with a mix of townhome developments and residential neighborhoods.

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The two halves of the city have different characteristics. The North part is highly commercialized, and is full of shopping options, while the South residents shop in St. Paul. North Maplewood high school students attend either North High School in North St. Paul, while South Maplewood students attend Tartan High School in Oakdale. Both schools are highly rated, as are the elementary schools in the city. The South part of the city has an ethnically diverse population, while the North is less diverse. The city includes many excellent parks, a nature center, small lakes, and has a fine community center with many features and programs. Battle Creek Regional Park contains a water park. St. John’s Hospital, 3M, and other businesses provide employment, but most working residents commute, using the excellent access to highways to work throughout the Minneapolis St. Paul metro area.

Home prices span a wide range in this city, according to the active listings by Northstar MLS MN members. From about 50-60 townhouses, condominiums, and single-family homes priced under $100,000, including some foreclosed properties, to lake homes on Gervais Lake and Kohlman Lake, priced in the upper six figures, there’s a home for every budget. Typically, you’ll find many active listings available by Northstar MLS MN members. In the $100-200,000 range, townhomes, condominiums and a range of single-family homes in both ends of the community make up about a third of all listings. Between $200,000 and $300,000, you’ll find plenty of roomy single-family homes in quiet neighborhoods. Those houses were built in a wide range of periods. The $300-500,000 range contains a small number of spacious homes scattered in the North part, some with lake views. Above $500,000, lakefront homes dominate the listings, with only a few available at any time. Commercial properties are also available.

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