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The largest city in Minnesota, Minneapolis is the cultural, business, and entertainment hub of the Twin Cities. Many home buyers are attracted to the city’s housing market, and for good reasons. Living in the city is popular with all age groups for many reasons. From less commuting to work and access to the vibrant cultural life to easy access to professional sporting events and entertainment venues, city living is growing in popularity.

Realtor Ted Bergstrom MN

Ted Bergstrom – Ted began his real estate career in 1998. He has been helping home sellers, buyers and investors in the Twin Cities with their real estate needs ever since. Ted’s honest, timely and direct approach to selling real estate has served his clients well over the years and has established him as one of the local leaders in the industry. Ted lives in South Minneapolis with his wife Lisa and their two beautiful young daughters. When he is not working, he loves to spend time with his family especially at their cabin in Northern Wisconsin. Ted also enjoys skiing, biking and playing guitar. Phone 612-723-5444

Realtor Alex Schatz MN

Alex Schatz – Alex is a graduate from University of Cambridge in England. He is very attentive to detail, while having an appreciation for craftsmanship which meets the buyers and sellers needs. Having started his aspirations in real estate around 21 years old he built his own house from dirt work to finish trim, he rented, subdivided and eventually sold the personal property. Growing his aspiration leads him to representing buyers and sellers across the world today. Having high standards in life has drawn clientele from various industries, including professional athletes, movie producers, astute businessman from around the globe. His attitude to serve his clients alleviates worry, approaching the sale with the motto ‘luxury is a service’ not necessarily a final sale price. He encourages questions at anytime during the transaction, hoping your experience will truly be a 5-star experience. Knowing the needs of his clients/customers will bring a swift closing ensuring care is exceptional and the experience of the trade of real estate is a memorable one. Phone 480-826-7340

With the cost of gasoline increasing, more and more Minnesotans are choosing to live where they work, saving time and money, while gaining access to all the pleasures of city life.

Minneapolis at a Glance

Neighborhood Living with Abundant Affordable Houses

The city of Minneapolis offers a wide variety of neighborhoods, with an equally large variety of home prices and lifestyle choices. Like most major cities, neighborhoods are important to the life of the city. There are 11 primary communities in the city, each subdivided into individual, smaller neighborhoods. Each is unique, with a different blend of home buying opportunities, ethnic and economic makeup, and lifestyles. From the affluent Uptown – Calhoun Isles community and the bustling Central – Downtown community to the varied Northeast Community, and the old St. Anthony Main neighborhood, there’s a perfect neighborhood for any buyer.

The variety of neighborhoods can seem overwhelming to many home buyers, so finding a professional real estate broker with detailed knowledge of all neighborhoods is crucial to finding the right neighborhood for you and your family. The agents from our REMAX team know the City of Lakes intimately, and can help guide you to your new home. Our property search tools of house listings provided by participating members of Northstar MLS Listings of Minnesota let you select individual neighborhoods and communities in the city. Our experienced agents are happy to help you find listed homes for sale by Participants of Northstar MLS of MN.

Minneapolis Home Prices – A Large Selection

With over 2,000 homes on the market at any given time, homes for sale run the gamut of prices. You’ll find real estate in prices from foreclosed homes selling for under $50,000 to luxurious homes with asking prices in the millions. From attractive investment opportunities in North and South of the city to high-end condo developments and mansions in the Calhoun-Isles community, there’s a match for every buyer or investor. You can contact our Minnesota REMAX team to discuss your plans and to arrange for a showing of any home that interests you.

Realtors Specializing in Minneapolis Real Estate

Shopping for a home or other real estate in a large city can be an overwhelming experience. Unless you have long, intimate knowledge of the city, you could easily take a wrong turn in your search. Our REMAX team understands the Twin Cities housing market. We have a number of team members with a specific focus on this great city and the various neighborhoods. We provide a community-by-community property listings provided by participating members of Northstar MLS MN to help you find your new home. Let Minnesota top REMAX team be your partner in finding exactly the right home in the perfect neighborhood.

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