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Should You Sell or Rent Your Home?

A surprising number of homeowners find themselves owning a second home, often not by design. Perhaps they’ve had difficulties selling a home after moving to a new home, due to difficult market conditions, or current prices for homes mean taking a serious loss by selling it. Often, they’ve inherited a home when parents have passed on. Occasionally, the second home is a vacation home or lake home that just isn’t being used any longer. Deciding what to do with an unneeded second home can be a tough decision. Should you sell the home in the current market, become a landlord and rent it out, or rent it out until market conditions improve?

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Jessenia Guzman – Greetings! Jessenia Guzmán-Meléndez was born and raised in Puerto Rico. Currently, she resides in the town of Waite Park, MN. Jessenia worked in the mortgage industry for about 10 years; experience that has helped her start her career as a Real Estate agent. She’s happy to be able to continue helping people achieving their dreams of buying their first home, a second home or simply helping them get that perfect property for investment. Jessenia is committed, reliable, dedicated and ready to meet your real estate needs.. Phone 320-305-9747

Here are some of the factors that come into play with each choice:

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